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Social Networking and its usage in education

Do you think using sites like Facebook and Twitter for educational purposes can benefit students. Take a look art this study done by Ray Junco of Lock Haven University. Junco’s study looks at how Twitter actually benfitted students learning process through a semester-long controlled experiment. What are your thoughts? Although this study shows that social networking … Continue reading

The Facebook Effect

Check out this study done by Professors at the Univeristy of Texas. It takes a look at how facebook use actually correlates with college students involvement in the community, participation in politics, and satisfaction in their social lives. Really interesting study and one that shows us an unexpected positive aspect of social networking.  

Does Facebook make us happy or sad?

Here is a great video from bigthink speaker Tal Ben-Shahar. Shahar is a Positive Psychology Lecturer a Harvard Univeristy and gives us a brief insight on how Facebook may be affecting us and our development. Take a look and comment your ideas!

So what are the views for and against social networking?

Here is a great site that looks into all the ways that social networking sites affect people (college students in particular). Pretty interesting to see both sides of the argument. Comment about what you think of social networking? Do you have good emotions and a sense of popularity through social networking? Is facebook affecting your study habits? Do … Continue reading

Categorizing sites! (the bad side)